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For us, every new project is a challenge that we take on with passion. Our highly qualified team has specialists in the fields of e-commerce, software development and app programming, who are individually trained for each project - if necessary in cooperation with external experts.

Quality instead of quantity: Top qualifications are at the forefront when selecting our employees

We see progress as an opportunity: In a rapidly growing market, we too learn something new with every project

From professionals for professionals:

We help our customers to push their business even further forward.

Smart Dato: Otto Kreidl
Otto Kreidl
  • Background: Business Information Systems
  • Consulting
  • Passionate about: optimization
Smart Dato: Fyodor Adiyan
Fyodor Adiyan
Solution Architect
  • Background: PhD in Accounting and Finance, 10+ years in Shopware
  • Shopware
  • Passionate about: learning new skills
Smart Dato: Renate Kreidl
Renate Kreidl
  • Background: Jurisprudence
  • Controlling, Accounting
  • Passionate about: sports
Smart Dato: Emma Ghambaryan
Emma Ghambaryan
Project Manager
  • Background: Banking – Financial Analyst
  • TYPO3, Shopware
  • Passionate about: personal growth
Smart Dato: Kevin Wellenzohn
Kevin Wellenzohn
System Designer
  • Background: Ph.D. in Database-Research
  • Database, Blockchain
  • Passionate about: Databases
Smart Dato: Mikael Mkrtchyan
Mikael Mkrtchyan
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Backend Developer, PHP, REST API
  • Passionate about: complex challenges
Smart Dato: Michael Tscholl
Michael Tscholl
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: Computer Science
  • Backend, PHP, REST API
  • Passionate about: Laravel Community
Smart Dato: Elen Maralyan
Elen Maralyan
Project Manager
  • Background: Management and Business Administration
  • TYPO3
  • Passionate about: career growth
Smart Dato: Armin Raffeiner
Armin Raffeiner
Customer Success Manager
  • Background: Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Passionate about: experimenting
Smart Dato: Mkhitar Avsharyan
Mkhitar Avsharyan
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Shopware, Flutter, TYPO3
  • Passionate about: Мechanical Constructions
Smart Dato: Peter Mair
Peter Mair
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: 20+ years of Software Development Experience
  • Full-Stack, desktop, web
  • Passionate about: finding new solutions
Smart Dato: Oleg Petukhov
Oleg Petukhov
Software Developer
  • Background: Computer Science
  • Backend Developer, PHP, Laravel
  • Passionate about: self-hosting
Smart Dato: Lukas Joos
Lukas Joos
Software Developer
  • Background: Computer Science
  • Systems programming, specialized solutions
  • Passionate about: learning new skills
Smart Dato: Karen Manukyan
Karen Manukyan
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: Computer Science, 10+ years in Shopware
  • Backend Developer, Shopware
  • Passionate about: football
Smart Dato: Gegham Manukyan
Gegham Manukyan
Software Developer
  • Background: Computer Systems and Networks
  • Frontend development, TYPO3
  • Passionate about: communication
Smart Dato: Syuzanna Sargsyan
Syuzanna Sargsyan
Project Manager
  • Background: translator, 6+ years in IT project management
  • Shopware
  • Passionate about: exploring the world
Smart Dato: Gor Martirosyan
Gor Martirosyan
Project Manager
  • Background: Economics and Business
  • Shopware
  • Passionate about: sport
Smart Dato: Avetis Sahakyan
Avetis Sahakyan
Senior Software Developer
  • Background: Radiophysic, 10+ years in frontend development
  • Frontend developer, Shopware
  • Passionate about: personal development, music