CRM, ERP, PIM: When it comes to interface programming, the Smart Dato Hub is there to help

Interface programming: ERP interface & PIM e-commerce

Custom extensions for Shopware and much more

For e-commerce, custom software and mobile apps, we offer a wide range of tailor-made applications and modules to suit your system environment.

Smooth workflow – even with different systems within a company

When large amounts of data need to be transferred quickly and efficiently, coordinated product information systems (PIM), content management systems (CMS) and job queue management ensure that everything runs seamlessly together.

To match your system, the Smart Dato Hub contains ready-made extensions for:

Shop systems (Shopware), ERP systems such as Ombis (ProData), XGLA (Logon) and TPPRO (edp Progetti) and shipping service providers such as OLC (Omest) and X4U (Express4you).

Native PIM module and Jira Atlassian for efficient project management

Systems for data exchange in the form of renowned standards such as Datanorm and UGL

The use of artificial intelligence is gaining more and more importance – in everyday life as well as in business. By integrating AI tools such as Chat GPT or DeepL, information about your products can be prepared even faster and more efficiently.