Custom software: Secure yourself a competitive advantage based on tailor-made software development

Industry-specific software solutions & web application of Smart Dato

Industry-specific software solutions can do a lot but not everything.

Sometimes it's only small details that distinguish one competitor from another, and if the software is lacking, they still make a big difference.

Whether we adapt the already existing open-source software to your requirements...

Software as a Service: custom software for OMEST of Smart Dato  

... or develop a completely new custom software for your company:

If your requirements are not integrated into the classic CRM or ERP software or are not sufficiently covered by your system, we will find a smart, efficient solution for you. We will be happy to advise you on what best suits your situation as early as the conception stage of a new project.

Custom software from Smart Dato: unique as your business

Custom software from Smart Dato – as unique as your business

Custom software development ensures a flexible and smooth workflow

We guide you all the way from the planning of a new project to its professional implementation

Innovative software systems developed for your business secure decisive market advantages for you

Custom software for Europacco from Smart Dato, Italy

Maximum flexibility – maximum cost efficiency

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Individual customisation
  • Web applications with focus on desktop use
  • Possibility of mobile use with smartphone and tablet
  • For external, publicly accessible and in-house applications

Wherever possible, the custom software created for you is integrated as a supplement into your existing software environment. This ensures a smooth and cost-efficient process at all times.

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Take a look at the custom software we have created

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Software development for Wolf Fenster: paperless processing
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Mobile App for Sportler: Smart Dato takes sporting goods to a whole new level
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