Customisable sportswear worldwide: B2C Shopware Shop for Spized

B2C Shopware shop for Spized: customisable sportswear worldwide

Spized relies on smart Shopware e-commerce solution for individual service

Versatile and customer friendly B2C Shopware shops of Smart Dato

Personalised sportswear from Spized is used particularly in team sports. All products can be customised, from single items to large quantities for clubs. The company is based in Cologne and has its own production sites within the EU.

Using the integrated 3D configurator, products can be customised and viewed on the screen

E-commerce solution for individual service of Smart Dato

The web design was created individually for the customer

Collaboration on concept and design with Studio Hug

Through various features, the multilingual web shop of Spized enables the design of individual sportswear in a customer-specific environment

Development of a B2B and B2C shop

Club-specific team shops with club clothing and promotional items

Countless configuration options make every jersey unique

Smart Shopware e-commerce solution of Smart Dato, Italy
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From professionals for professionals: everything at a glance

Individual B2B e-commerce solution for Kaufgut of Smart Dato
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B2C Shopware shop for Spized: customisable sportswear worldwide
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